February 2021


HERA: the perfect solution for comfort applications

Euroklimat is proud to present an important installation of two HERA IP/LN/AS 160-2-2 with hydronic kit for a famous industrial company near Bologna.
These two R290 natural low noise reversible heat pumps are used for heating and cooling offices and production areas.
Each unit is equipped with:
- inverter driven compressors, that allows to significantly increase the efficiency of the unit at partial loads and to reduce electrical power consumption;
- high efficiency EC fans electronically commutated, useful to reduce energy power consumption;
- an advanced control system with the most advanced technology available based on a proprietary optimized software specifically designed;
- security devices as a conveyed safety valve, gas detector, AtEx extractor fan and many others;
- integrated hydronic kit composed of centrifugal water pump, carbon steel tank and closed expansion vessel;
- painted galvanized sheet panels, insulated with polyurethane foam sheets, polyester based, anthracite color, self-extinguishing non dripping to ensure a good reduction of noise.