April 2021


Choose Euroklimat R290 chillers for an efficient solution in the food industry

Euroklimat is proud to present this EKO.E-B/SL/VFD 642 S, with R290 natural refrigerant, used in a cheese production site in Denmark. This plant is characterized by a total surface of over 9000 m2 between offices and dairy, in which an innovative production concept is used, together with high technology and high levels of hygiene.

The unit mounts 2 semi-hermetic reciprocating AtEx compressors inverter-driven, finned pack heat exchanger, 3 EC fans, brazed plates evaporator and soundproofing sandwich panels. The nominal cooling capacity is 110 kW with an outdoor temperature of 30 °C and inlet/outlet temperatures user side of 7 °C / 2 °C.

The user fluid is a mixture of water and propylene glycol, perfectly suitable for the food industry. This chiller is directly connected to a pumping station and then to a buffer tank of 2000 liters in order to maintain constant both the fluid flow rate and temperatures. The tank is in turn plugged into the secondary circuit to serve the users in a precise and constant way.