May 2021


Discover this Euroklimat solution: water - to - water chiller with low GWP refrigerant for industrial process

Interesting installation of this EKW-B/SP/VFD 702 S, Water-to-Water chiller with low GWP refrigerant R513A used in a plant of HyCO (Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide or Syngas) production in the east of Spain. This unit replaced an existing obsolete unit with R407C refrigerant.
The chiller task is to cool down a closed water circuit used to reduce the dew point of a CO2 stream upstream of a driers bed system and rejects heat to the plant cooling water system.
Equipped with two reciprocating compressors inverter driven, two Shell & Tubes condensers, one dual circuit Shell & Tubes evaporator, anti-vibration spring mounts and electromechanical flow switch.
The application requires tight control of the outlet fluid temperature (5 °C with tolerance within +/- 1 °C) and high reliability, because the chiller operates continuously.