June 2021


Euroklimat chiller for a bakery process in Australia

We are proud to share with you this interesting installation of this RAK.W-B/ST/SP 210C6, a Water-to-Water chiller used both comfort cooling and food industry process.
In particular, this unit during the summer period has two objectives: cooling the production site and offices for human comfort and cool down a subcritical CO2 unit, which cooling capacity is applied at a blast freezer to cool freshly made cakes.
The chiller is equipped with six R410A scroll compressors (three compressors per circuit), two Shell & Tube condensers, one dual circuit brazed plates evaporator, anti-vibration rubber mounts and an electromechanical flow switch.
The nominal cooling capacity is 627 kW with temperatures inlet/outlet of the evaporator at 12/6 °C and 29/35 °C at the condenser.