September 2021


Euroklimat leader in the market of R290 chillers already in 2014

Today we celebrate the now famous "Throwback Thursday" by recalling the participation of Euroklimat in "Chillventa 2014", an important biennial exhibition with a theme aimed at new technologies applied to chillers and heat pumps.

Already 7 years ago, Euroklimat had developed the first ranges of natural chillers containing R290 propane (for industrial process and comfort applications) and thus began to offer them to the market, resulting a pioneering company in the field of refrigeration that protects the environment.

In fact, the first prototype of a R290 chiller branded Euroklimat was produced in 2004 and shortly after the company was the first in Italy to obtain the appropriate certifications (ISO 9001 and PED) for the construction and assembly of this unit type.

For many years, therefore, Euroklimat S.p.A. continuously invests numerous resources to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of propane refrigeration machines. In fact, as a demonstration of what has been described, in 2018 Euroklimat was awarded the European INNODRIVER tender through the range of latest generation R290 HERA heat pumps.

To date, the company has more than 1600 installations of propane units, a long experience that allows it to be distinguished from many other manufacturers in the sector.