February 2022


R290 HERA heat pumps for pharmaceutical logistics

We are pleased to present you an important installation of 5 HERA BP/LN/AS/EC/II 160-2-2 units located near Weert, in the southern part of the Netherlands. The group of 5 units (all strictly with natural R290 propane refrigerant) is used to meet the demands of a pharmaceutical logistics center. In fact, the HERA range, born in 2019 mainly for thermo-hygrometric comfort applications, can also be successfully used in many other sectors as evidenced by this Newsletter.

In particular, the 5 HERA heat pumps operate 24/7 in all climatic conditions: both during the harsh Dutch winter and in summer, satisfying two different operating conditions. During the winter season, the task of the units is to produce hot water at 45 C, while in the summer season the production of chilled water at 7 C is required. These units can operate both as heat pumps and as chillers because are reversible units.

Each unit consists of 2 semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with VFD control, brazed plate heat exchanger, double finned pack heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating, 6 EC fans and Low Noise sound-absorbing coating.