March 2022


Low GWP heat pumps for Domestic Hot Water production

Euroklimat is pleased to share with you a successful installation of two RAK.W/OH-B/SP/LN 321 high temperature Water-To-Water heat pumps with R513A refrigerant fluid with low GWP index (equal to 631). The two units are installed in a plant of a well-known brand of Large-Scale Distribution, located in the province of Monza.

The two heat pumps have the task of producing hot water at high temperature (about 70 °C) used to feed the Domestic Hot Water distribution system of the building.nThanks to the water source it is possible to obtain high efficiencies during the production of hot water. This occurs mainly because the heat pump is not affected by external climatic factors since the temperature of the source always remains around 20-25 °C for the whole calendar year. In addition, the temperature of the source is reached without cost, exploiting the waste heat of the refrigerators habitually employed in all supermarkets and which are in operation 24/7 to guarantee the cold chain of frozen products. Through these types of systems it is therefore possible to achieve high efficiencies and therefore a reduction in energy costs, without sacrificing high levels of comfort.

In detail, the two units are equipped with a semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor with a capacity control device to increase the efficiency of the system in case of partial load conditions, by two brazed plate heat exchangers, by an advanced programmable controller and by a sound-absorbing panels to reduce the acoustic impact. Furthermore, each unit has a heating capacity of about 60 kW when it is called to produce water at 70 °C and the source is around 20 °C. In this condition, the COP of the unit is equal to 2,9.

The two units are also characterized by reduced dimensions, in fact the dimensions are equal to 1280x990x1190 mm (LxWxH) and also for this reason they are suitable for indoor installation.

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