April 2022


New collaboration between Euroklimat and Chiller Oy: natural solutions for northern Europe

Euroklimat is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Chiller Oy, an important company active in the air conditioning of buildings and industrial processes in various northern European countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. The company policy of Chiller Oy is based on the offer of durable products with a high technological level, characterized by a high degree of energy efficiency and which are above all ecological. These products must also be suitable for the harsh climatic conditions of northern Europe and are mainly intended for new or renovated buildings such as residential areas, hotels, public buildings, offices, shopping centres and industrial plants.

A few weeks ago, a reversible heat pump R290 HERA H BP/SL/AS/EC/II 035-1-1 installed at the Chiller Oy head office in Tuusala in Finland on the northern area of Helsinki was successfully started up. The unit is equipped with a reciprocating semi-hermetic compressor controlled by inverter, brazed plate heat exchanger, finned pack heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating, EC axial fan, high sound absorbing sandwich panels, advanced electronic controller and a device for remote control and monitoring with 4G connection. In addition, the unit is equipped with a raised base specially made for cold climates; in this way it is avoided that any accumulations of snow interfere with the activity of the heat pump.
Given the reversibility feature, this unit is suitable both for heating during the winter season and for cooling during the summer season. In particular, it can heat water from 40 °C to 45 °C with a capacity of 33.5 kW when the external dry bulb temperature is equal to 7 °C (6 °C of WB); with the activation of the cycle inversion, the unit can cool water from 12 °C to 7 °C with a capacity of 29.1 kW when the external temperature is equal to 35 °C.

The whole Euroklimat team sincerely thanks Chiller Oy for the trust shown, in the hope that this important collaboration will be the starting point for numerous technological challenges, which aim is to provide products with very high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.


Euroklimat high temperature heat pumps for an important hotel in Dubai

During the year 2020, Euroklimat designed, built and tested 6 high temperature heat pumps HPV-W-HHT 592-C-1 units for one of the most important and evocative hotels in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This solution made it possible to replace an obsolete Domestic Hot Water production system based on electric resistances with a much more effective and efficient system that uses a vapor compression refrigeration cycle. The major consequence is that at the same level of comfort, 3.9 million kWh are saved every year (equivalent to the consumption of more than 270 homes) and consequently the emission of 1.5 million kg of CO2 into the atmosphere is also avoided.

Going into more detail, all the units contain the R134a refrigerant fluid and are classified as Water-to-Water type, therefore suitable for indoor applications. Each unit is equipped with a two-stage screw compressor which allows to obtain high efficiency and reliability, together with wide operative limits. Furthermore, the use of an inverter whose task is to vary the operating frequency of the compressor, allows to follow the thermal load with extreme precision, reducing any type of inefficiency especially in partial load conditions. Each unit is also equipped with a direct expansion Shell & Tube evaporator, a double pass Shell & Tube condenser, a brazed plate economizer and an electronic expansion valve.

The units have been divided on two sides of the imposing structure, 3 used on the East side and 3 used on the West side. Furthermore, each group of units is managed with Master-Slave logic, which can be implemented through the latest generation of advanced controllers. This unit management mode allows to achieve high levels of efficiency, as a unit is activated only if necessary and if energy-efficient.

Each unit at full load capacity can produce 613 kW with hot water at 70 °C and with the source at 10 °C. In this condition, the COP (Coefficient of Performances) is equal to 3.23.

Euroklimat is pleased to answer your requests regarding high temperature Water-to-Water heat pumps. For this, we invite you to contact your Export Area Manager or write to us at the email address