May 2022


R290 Euroklimat chiller for the production of typical Calabrian cheeses

Interesting installation of a high efficiency Propane - R290 unit used in a dairy located in the Plain of Gioia Tauro in the province of Reggio Calabria in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is an EKO.E MT HE PP/ST/HR/EC/II 2802V whose task is to cool the user fluid (mixture of water and propylene glycol) down to a temperature of -6 °C even in extremely hot conditions, typical of the summers of southern Italy.

The unit, in addition to using the R290 as a refrigerant fluid that respects the environment (GWP equal to 3), is also equipped with two total-modulating heat recovery installed in parallel with the air condenser. These additional exchangers allow to recover all or part of the precious waste heat of the chiller which, if not used, would be unnecessarily dispersed into the atmosphere. The heat recovery, carried out free of charge, can be used for various purposes such as the production of Domestic Hot Water, comfort heating or even for industrial processes that require heat load. Therefore, this unit can satisfy both the cooling energy demand and any heating energy demand without increasing its energy cost. The unit is also equipped with 2 single-stage screw compressors controlled by inverter to meet the thermal load in a precise and timely manner in all operating conditions and to increase the efficiency of the unit in partial load conditions. Furthermore, it is equipped with a shell and tube dry expansion evaporator, heat exchangers with microchannel technology in aluminum alloy, 12 EC axial fans and 2 centrifugal electric pumps, one used for the primary users and the other used for the heat recovery user. The unit allows the user fluid to be cooled from -2 °C to -6 °C with a cooling capacity of 410 kW when the external temperature is 38 °C. Under these conditions, the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is 1,95. In the case of the heat recovery unit is also activated, the recovery user can be heated from 39 °C to 45 °C with a heating capacity of 606 kW and the TER (Total Efficiency Ratio) is equal to 5,19.

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