June 2022


New propane R290 heat pump : VHERA

Euroklimat S.p.A. is pleased to present the new range of reversible air-to-water heat pump with propane (R290).
The new product range is called VHERA.

It is able to reach over 700 kW heating capacity (1) and 625 kW cooling capacity (2) with a single piece unit. VHERA is nothing more than the extension of the pre-existing range and represent the result of Euroklimat’s continuous commitment in the search for new products using a natural gas with practically no environmental impact (GWP=3, ODP=0).

(1) Reference conditions: Text= 7°C (U.R. 87%), 40°C/45°C
(2) Reference conditions: Text= 35°C (U.R. 50%), 12°C/7°C

All sizes are characterized by piston semi-hermetic compressors equipped with inverter, thanks to which it is possible to adapt the unit to the load required by the user and with it a substantial energy saving. It follows that VHERA is an efficient unit that responds well to thermal loads fluctuations typical of air-conditioned buildings. VHERA turns out to be the best choice to ensure thermal comfort for big buildings like offices, hospitals, shopping centers or logistic centers.

The units available in different configurations and offer a large variety of accessories that allows the unit to adapt better to different applications. Euroklimat is happy to answer any request / curiosity about the new VHERA heat pumps.

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