Euroklimat is a bronze partner of Hydrocarbons 21, an initiative who aims to support the worldwide use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in cooling, refrigeration, and heating. It is more than a platform to advertise Hydrocarbons (HC) technology. Rather it is an interactive tool that will help you stay connected with the global HC community and be informed about latest developments regarding the use of hydrocarbons as natural refrigerants, including propane, isobutane, propylene and others.

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Euroklimat is a partner of GCI (green cooling initiative), as a non-profit initiative, initiated by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, the Green Cooling Initiative offers a one of a kind platform for companies, organisations, countries and individuals. Aiming at a reduction of emissions from the cooling sectors, Green Cooling combines three approaches:
  • promoting natural refrigerants
  • maximising energy efficiency
  • fostering a sustainable approach to private and commercial energy consumption
As a member, Euroklimat supports the Green Cooling Initiative in its efforts to promote natural refrigerants and protect the environment, resources and the climate.

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